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The AI Academy

Project-Based Artificial Intelligence Education 

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What is The AI Academy?

We are a MA-based organization that equips middle and highschool students with AI skills. Our programs blend coding skills with creativity to solve real-world problems

Why Join the AI Academy?

AI will shape every aspect of the future. Those who leverage it will outpace those who don't. We empower students to guide that change by providing access to industry experts, hands-on challenges, and research projects that channel ambition into making a positive impact.
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Technical Skills

Gain knowledge in Python, data science, machine learning models. 
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Personalized Guidance

Our mentors from Stanford, Cornell, CMU provide expert 1-on-1 support
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Lead Innovation

Tackle real-world challenges students are passionate about.
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Accelerate Opportunity

Our alumni have earned research awards, research intern roles, Ivy League college acceptances

Our programs aim to unlock every student's potential. If at any point you do not see the value in our approach, we offer a full refund.

Hear From Our Students!

Unique Projects For all Interests

AI + Robotics

AI + Healthcare

AI + Finance

AI + Art

AI + Language


We offer programs for students at every step of their journey

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Middle School AI Explorers


Spring, Summer

High School AI Innovators


Spring, Summer

Independent Research Project



Spark curiosity by exploring how AI improves everyday life! Our 2-week introductory course allows rising 6th- 8th graders to learn Python coding abilities and core data science concepts by building fun machine learning applications

Dive deeper and turn curiosity into innovation! Ambitious rising 9th-12th graders will level up their Python skills and tackle more advanced machine learning concepts while working on a capstone project focused on their personal interests.

This 12-week program guides students through completing a research project. Each student is paired with an experienced mentor and goes deep into a subject of their choice, aiming to publish their research in a student journal.

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