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The Science Research Academy

Empowering Students Through Real-World Scientific Exploration

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Lin - 9th Grade

"Having someone to break down the steps of a research project really helped me because I had never done anything like this before"

What is The Science Research Academy?

We are a Lexington, MA-based organization that equips middle and highschool students with real-world research skills. Our personalized coaching empowers young scientists to pursue compelling projects aligned with their interests.

We have worked with students from Lexington, Newton, Arlington, Burlington, Waltham, and surrounding towns.

Why Science Research?

Completing an independent research or engineering project unlocks skills beyond a traditional classroom:
student presenting. life skills for middle schoolers
1. Key Life Skills
  • Creativity: Innovate without limits

  • Problem-solving: Tackle real-world challenges

  • Communication: Convey ideas with clarity

  • Time management: Plan, prioritize, execute

  • Confidence: See projects through from start to finish

student working in lab. science technical skills
2. Technical Excellence
  • Literature reviews
  • Hands-on experiments

  • Data analysis

  • Modeling and prototyping

  • Scientific writing

student presenting work. showcasing work to professionals

3. Opportunities

  • Publish findings

  • Compete in science fairs

  • Pursue advanced projects

  • Stand out for college/internships

Taught by award-winning student researchers, our programs unlock every student's potential. If at any point you do not see the value in our approach, we offer a full refund.


At the Science Research Academy, we understand that every student is unique. That's why we offer three distinct programs tailored to different experience levels, goals, and support needs.

lightbulb showing brilliant ideas from middle schoolers
miscroscope showing scientific research
poster showing presentation for science fair

Summer Program ($349)


July 22-26

High School Science Fair ($349)



Nov - Feb

Middle School Science Fair ($299)



Jan - Apr

This 5-day in person program will be a structured project-building process while also cultivating the independence needed for research. The perfect introduction for young scientists. For 2024, classes will be held in Lexington, MA.

Personalized 1-on-1 coaching to take advanced projects from concept to competition-ready. Students receive tailored support whether they're just starting research or developing complex projects.

This 12-week course guides students through researching or conducting a project to present at the science fair. There will be weekly lectures, 1-on-1 sessions, guest speakers, and a mock fair with judges to prepare students for the real fair.

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